Making a Magnetic Tumbler: Assembly Ideas Page 2

As previously stated, this is not intended to be exact, step-by-step plans on how to build a magnetic tumbler, rather it is intended to demonstrate how I assembled my units.  If you undertake this project, any and all risks associated with using any of the tools required will be your responsibility. Furthermore, you will be working with electricity and must have a qualified licensed electrician perform the wiring of the magnetic tumbler, and you may need a final inspection by a government agency before use.  BE CAREFUL!



Motor Mounting

Mount the motor/disc assembly into the box, leaving NO MORE than 1/8" gap between the magnet mounting surface (the surface of the disc) and the plexiglas top. However, you must be careful not to allow the disc to contact the plexiglas when the force of the magnets pulls the shot-laden bowl downward.  Some adjustment is necessary after complete assembly.  The exact method of mounting the motor will depend upon the type of motor you have purchased.



Wire the motor, switch, fan, lamp and fuse using solder and heat shrink tubing.  Follow all accepted wiring codes and practices and before you use the tumbler, obtain an inspection by a licensed electrician.

Magnet Installation

When all the wiring is complete and tested, use epoxy to secure the magnets into the holes in the disc.  The polarity of the magnets should be as follows when looking down at the disc, it is also important to arrange the magnets in a diamond shape rather than a square. Note that the two magnets with North facing up are farther apart than the two magnets with south facing up.

Be EXTREMELY careful with the magnets, they will "jump" together from a great distance with great force and will painfully pinch your hands and possibly damage the magnets.


Plexiglas Top Attachment

1. Drill at least 8 holes through the plexiglas and into the wood of the cabinet.

2. Countersink the holes in the plastic and use wood screws to attach the plastic top to the box.

3. Attach rubber feet to the bottom of the box.

Final adjustments and assembly

1. Place the plastic shot bowl with shot and water on the magnetic tumbler and, through the large hole for the vent fan, spin the disc to determine if it contacts the plexiglas top.  If contact occurs, adjust the motor assembly to prevent contact but keep the distance no more than 1/8" between the magnets and the plexiglas top.  Also check to make sure the magnet disc is parallel to the top.  Adjust motor assembly as necessary.

2. Attach rear vent.

3. Plug into grounded, GFI protected outlet and tumble away!

Magnet installation orientation:

Magnet orientation in disc of magnetic tumbler

Note diamond shape of
layout and alternating
North-South magnetic