Making a Mokume Ring Part 4

Rolling the Mokume Billet in the Rolling Mill
After annealing, the billet is pickled to remove oxides and then forged again to reduce its size. It is then again cleaned, annealed and pickled. Once the billet will fit in the rolling mill, it is rolled through progressively smaller slots to create a long, square rod
Rolling the mokume billet to the correct size
Rolling through smaller and smaller openings in the rolling mill until the correct size is reached
Twisting the Mokume Rod to create the Pattern
The mokume rod is cleaned, annealed, pickled and then placed in a vice and twisted to create the pattern
Forging the twisted Mokume rod square again
The twisted rod is then cleaned, annealed and pickled; then the edges are forged flat with the hammer and the the edges are filed to a square
Rolling the Mokume Rod Sqauare again
The hammered and filed Mokume rod is then rolled through the rolling mill to create a nice square rod again
Rolling the Mokume Billet Flat
Once the rod is nice and square again, it is cleaned and then rolled through the flat rollers to create a patterned strip
The edges of the patterned strip are filed parallel
The edges of the patterned strip are filed parallel
Mokume Strip with Beveled Edges
And then the Mokume strip is put through the convex rollers in the rolling mill to create a beveled edge for the ring