Finishing a 316L Stainless Steel Ring

The raw stainless steel casting
The raw stainless steel casting. This casting contains 4 rings.
Sawing the cast stainless steel rings off of the casting tree
The rings are cut off using a standard jeweler's saw and blade. Some beeswax, bur lube or oil can be used, but sawblades will also work well dry.
USing a 260 gritsanding drum to rough-finish the ring
The inside of the ring is rough sanded with a 260 grit sanding drum
Filing the sprue off of the stainless steel ring
The remains of the sprue are filed using standard files
The stainless steel ring shank after filing the sprue off
The bottom of the shank after filing. A sanding stick or sanding drum will be used next to prepare the ring
Sanding the entire ring with 400 or 600 grit
Then the inside and outside are sanded with a 400 or 600 grit sanding drum to remove scratches and prepare the surface for a unitized wheel.
Using a scotch brite or unitized wheel to prepare the stainless steel ring for tripoli
The 3M scotch-brite wheel works great as a final, brushed finish for the ring. But iIn this case, we will be using the wheel to prepare the surface for tripoli
Using tripoli or grey star on the stainless steel ring
Tripoli or Grey Star is the next step, which smooths and imparts a good shine onto the stainless steel. Next will be rouge for a high-polish