Stainless Steel

A raw 950 Platinum/ Ruthenium Casting

Stainless Steel Casting

We cast jewelry and other small parts in 316L Stainless steel. This is the most common type of Stainless Steel for safe use in jewelry. We can cast your unique custom waxes, or production runs of hundreds or thousands of pieces.

The standard charge for Stainless Steel castings is $50.00 per flask, metal included. We are limited to a maximum flask size of 2.5"    Imagine your designs cast in a durable, unique and lusterous metal like stainless steel!

An 18K Gold Casting

Finishing Stainless

We can finish your Stainless Steel Castings or you can finish them. Casting are normally returned in the raw, as-cast condition. Finishing is similar to other metals, though slightly more time-consuming due to the properties of stainless steel.

See Finishing a Stainless Ring for a step-by-step walkthrough from raw casting to finished ring.

A Raw 316L Stainless Steel Casting

Working with Stainless Steel

Stainless Rings can be easily sized using a laser welder. Normal sizing techniques are used but the seam is filled using stainless wire and a laser welder instead of solder.

Stainless is a great metal for stone setting. It is a little more difficult to work than gold or silver, but provides an excellent and durable medium for showing off diamonds or colored stones.

Stainless Steel retains its polish for much longer than gold, silver or platinum, making it an exceptional choice for those customers who are 'hard on their jewelry'



Gold, SIlver and Stainless can be joined using traditional gold or silver jewelry solders, PROVIDED the CORRECT FLUX is used. Regular jewelry flux and/or boric acid will NOT work. You must use a paste flux specifically designed for soldering stainless steel. We can provide this flux if you cannot source it.



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