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Platinum Casting

We can cast your SOLIDSCAPE prints, or injected/carved waxes, in 950 Platinum. Excellent surface finish with exceptional detail and quality. We specialize in production runs of small settings such as bracelet, necklace or ring heads. We can create and cut rubber, silicone or RTV molds from your metal or wax models and cast the resulting waxes. Confidentiality and security of your designs is guaranteed.
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Gold and Silver Casting

We can cast your waxes in any fineness of gold or silver including: 18K Yellow, White or Rose Gold; 14K Yellow, White or Rose Gold; Sterling and Fine Silver; as well as specialty alloys such as palladium/silver alloys or other branded de-ox or non-tarnish silvers. We can provide the metal or we will be happy to cast your metal if you provide enough for all your waxes. To preserve quality and ratios of alloy, we cannot mix your metals with ours. 24 hour turnaround on most castings.
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316L Stainless Steel Casting

We cast jewelry and other small parts in 316L Stainless steel. This is the most common type of Stainless Steel for safe use in jewelry. We can cast your unique custom waxes, or Solidscape 3D prints in 316L: Stainless Steel. If you would like a free sample of a raw, as-cast stainless steel ring, please request one on our CONTACT form, include your name and address and we will send you a sample. We are limited to a maximum flask size of 2.5" Imagine your designs cast in a durable, unique and lusterous metal like stainless steel!
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