We can produce Tennis Bracelets for any size, shape or number of stones. Graduated from small to large, straight sizes, combinations of shapes - all styles are possible!
We specialize in Platinum, but can make your tennis bracelet in 18K White, Yellow or Rose Gold; or any Two- or Three- tone combination you desire.

Below are a few standard tennis bracelet layouts

Round bracelets are available in three or four prong configurations

Your stone weights/counts may differ.  Please for information

Stone Size Stones Required for a 7" Bracelet Approximate Carat Weight
3.0mm 55 Stones 5.5 Carats
3.5mm 48 Stones 7.75 Carats
4.0mm 42 Stones 9.75 Carats
4.4mm 39 Stones 12.75 Carats
5.1mm 33 Stones 16.2 Carats
A Platinum Tennis Bracelet with Round Diamonds
A Platinum Tennis Bracelet Mounting for round stones
A Two-Tone, Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet Mounting for Ovals
3 Prong Platinum Bracelet Mounting for Round Diamonds






Some Images of Various Tennis Bracelets. Please See our Bracelet Gallery for More Pictures